About Us

What makes Bali First Responder unique?

OUR VISION - To become the leader in First Responder Training throughout Indonesia.

OUR MISSION - To raise awareness and provide training in Emergency First Response to individuals, companies and communities in Bali and Beyond.


1. We understand health care and emergency response.

We bring more than 60 years of combined healthcare experience to the table. From field to office, we have a broad exposure to the various aspects of healthcare delivery and management. 

2. Quality + Integrity + Expertise make up our basic Core Values.

We believe in delivering quality training, with integrity, using our extensive experience. You not only deserve the best, so do the victims you may be called upon to help one day and we want to ensure that you feel confident and properly equipped to do so.

3. Reliability, Flexibility and Consistency round up our Core Values.

We proud ourselves in being reliable but don’t take our word for it, experience it yourself. Because your schedule and needs maybe different than our regularly scheduled courses, we offer flexible arrangements to fulfill your specific requirements. Contact us for customization of a particular training program.

4. Commitment to Innovation and Excellence.

To achieve excellent outcomes, we are committed to evolving along with new First Responder techniques and technology. To that end, we keep on top of the latest trends in emergency response and incorporate that knowledge into our trainings. 

5. Ambition + Worldwide Experience

We are inspired by the rapidly developing health sector and enjoy implementing challenging projects. 

6. Outcome + Impact-Driven

We care deeply about improving health care in the long term. That is why we keep sustainability at the heart of all of our interventions: increasing efficiencies, developing an organizational culture of improvement, and ensuring cost-effectiveness.


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