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First Responder Training is designed to provide you with the knowledge and the confidence necessary to deliver basic medical care in emergency situations. If you’re interested in providing immediate medical care to others, then you may want to consider First Responder training. 

Today, training is not restricted to those in the health care industry only. In fact, we have customized programs aimed at laypeople, caretakers (pediatric and geriatric), law enforcement officers, teachers, sports coaches and others. All can take part in this training as a way to deliver basic care to others, while waiting for an ambulance or other medical personnel to arrive.

First responder training was started in 1995 by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) as a way to fill the gap between the Red Cross’ advanced cardiopulmonary respiratory training (better known as CPR) and its Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) programs.

Besides First Aid and CPR training, first responders are taught to assess a medical emergency, make sure that the injured party has sufficient airway and ventilation in order to breathe, monitor vital signs, prepare and move an injured party from an unsafe environment.

They are also trained to apply a splint, control bleeding, and evaluate medical emergencies and other situations that are unsafe. Also part of the training curriculum is the emergency administration of oxygen and blood pathogens training which teaches how to limit the transmission of blood and other body fluids as a way to reduce exposure to a possible infection.

People who take on this role should be able to assess a medical situation, record findings and take appropriate action in an effective manner. It also helps to have calmed, reassuring rapport with those who have been injured. There are different types of first responders. The reason for this is that training depends solely on the type of area being served, rural or urban for example. That's why a wilderness first responder training will differ from a metropolitan first responder, simply due to the variety of emergencies he or she may encounter. 

Training time varies with each course. Please consult our website for more info. Most training programs are hands-on.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in receiving First Responder Training, please contact our training center at (+62)361-753-006 for further information. Thank you...

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